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 Onboard the Four Sisters, there is a sense of peace and tranquillity where you will feel no more than a gentle sway underfoot.
 All our waste water drains directly into the canal, hence the need to use the eco-friendly products supplied. Toilet waste is contained on board and is disposed of weekly by the crew. Nothing other than human waste may be disposed of in the WC.  Paper must be put into the bin provided. The shower is ceramic, 24 inches square and hot water is supplied by means of a water heater which takes just a few minutes to reach the required temperature. The ceramic WC on board The Four Sisters Boatel is the latest model in boating technology with touch panel flush.Kitchen_utensils_on_board_the_Four_sisters

We have tried very hard at The Four Sisters to make your stay on board as comfortable as possible and have had the best and latest technology installed on board to make us as close to an apartment on land as possible, however there will always be some slight differences on board. Please bare this in mind when booking The Four Sisters Boatel.


British Waterways has now completed superb new shower block facilities on site where there are three very large private wet rooms with changing facilities free of charge. There are also coin operated laundry facilities for your use. You will be issued with a key to access these facilities on your arrival.



Please Do Please Don't

- Smoke only on deck.

- Burn candles or smoke below deck.

- Use only eco friendly toiletries/cleaning products provided.

- wear stiletto heels on board.

- Respect other canal users.

- make excessive noise.
- Make full use of all our on-board facilities and have a fantastic time.
- exceed check out time.
- Try to keep our CD and DVD library in order.  - do not put toilet paper or face wipes down the toilet (only human waste). A small sanitry bin is provided.
- Leave The Four Sisters boatel ship shape (excessive cleaning is chargable).  


We take your safety and security very seriously aboard The Four Sisters Boatel and should point out that there are three steep steps on boarding which are considered unsuitable for the disabled. There are two fire extinguishers and a fire blanket on board and also two small children’s buoyancy vests that should be worn on deck at all times.  Children must be under adult supervision while on board.  We have a security gate at the pontoon allowing access to British Waterways key holders only and 24-hour manned CC TV coverage.


Built for purpose, she is not your average houseboat. There are no horse brasses or wood burning stove, but modern, high tech, spacious, self-catering, luxury accommodation.

We guarantee your stay on board the Four Sisters will be unlike the usual.

We will be extending our crew in the near future allowing our passengers to book full or half day cruises along the Union Canal with two qualified Skippers.  Please enquire regarding rates.


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Union Canal
Fountain Bridge
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